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3:20PM March 19, 2019
Thank you for providing an image hosting service. It would be helpful to have links to images available from the My Pictures area. Example: I just uploaded 8 images of a scanned book. These 8 images look just like the 5 or so images already in the My Pictures area. It looks like the only way to get the link (aside from when it was first uploaded) is to click the image to open it. For many images, it's a lot of extra clicking to get the links. I'd appreciate an easy way to get to the links without needing to go into each image to get it.
Thanks again for your time.

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6:33PM March 22, 2019
Are you thinking of a list of links for all of your uploads or just those in a specific album? For the latter, that's something I do plan on releasing soon.

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1:50PM March 23, 2019
I've not used or created any albums to date. However I certainly can do so if that means access to a function that gives me the links to the images in that album all at once. My use model is scanning images from a book manually (1-5 daily), uploading and posting the links on Voat along with some commentary. /v/FromTheRevolution I was using imgoat but they have not proven to be reliable. :| Thanks for the tip on using albums, I'll use one and look for your update. Thanks again for your time.

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1:59PM March 23, 2019
If I have an image uploaded to imgtc but not in an album, and have shared the link, does it break the link if I then move the image to an album? Once a link is shared, can the image be moved into an album or from album to album?

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11:54AM March 24, 2019
Once an image is uploaded, its link is permanent and won't change. You can put the same image in multiple albums and it will always keep the same link, this is so that it won't break in the way you just described. So it seems that what you're looking for, is that when you upload images you are also provided with the direct links to them and not just the album link?

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4:07PM March 25, 2019
Thank you for the reply on the preservation of the link to the image. I moved an image to a new album and confirmed the link to it remained correct. Yes I looked at the albums, however I'm not sure (for me) it is what I want. I didn't see a way to upload to an album, but did see a way to move images into albums. I'm not really looking to do extra clicking per image. Right now I grab an image from my desktop and drag it into the browser. After upload am presented with a field where I can copy it to the clipboard. Then I can paste it into my document summary I'm writing that day. If I drag & upload multiple images, I think that's when I didn't get individual links, or I did but only copied one to the clipboard, and then those images were lost amongst all the others.

What would be great (for me) is a report file (csv is great)

Then I can have 1-n images and always be able to sort & get to the links in which I have an interest. One day it could be 1, another day it could be 15.

I do understand that you're providing a service for free that I'm using, so I'm certainly willing to try out whatever you implement. Thank you for your time.
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