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1:46PM March 9, 2019
This is a followup to the announcement on the main page. Since there is an ongoing issue of certain illegal content being continuously uploaded to imgtc, we were kicked off of our former host and have since relocated to a new service provider.

In an effort to curb the content being uploaded, there is a strong chance that accounts will be required to upload images starting in the near future. If I do decide to implement this, there will be advance warning a few days ahead of time.

Since our old forum was with our old host and access to that is still restricted, I've decided to re-add the original forum I had built that integrates directly with your imgtc accounts. The functionality here is bare bones compared to Discourse, but for now it will get the job done. If you have any questions or feedback about this announcement or the site in general, don't hesitate to post! Thank you everyone.

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11:19AM March 11, 2019
Discourse isn't very good anyway.

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1:43PM March 11, 2019
Beep bep.

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10:07AM March 12, 2019
I like the discourse software quite a bit, it's a nice change from the traditional forum type.

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9:16PM March 15, 2019
Glad to see you're still up and running. Have you thought about implementing a report function so there's maybe more awareness about any illegal content?

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3:26PM March 17, 2019
Hey smidge, thank you. Yes, that is something that is going to be implemented pretty soon.

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2:23AM March 22, 2019
"there is a strong chance that accounts will be required to upload images starting in the near future."

Out of curiosity, what's the intended ETA on this, roughly?

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4:03PM March 22, 2019
Now, wow lol this different, but hey, I understand and like it...

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6:09PM March 22, 2019
I've put it on hold for now Eevee. There hasn't been any questionable content since that last batch and I am working on some behind the scenes changes to implement before going that route. So for the time being, uploads without an account will remain.

It is a bit different for sure JensDuck, but for now it gets the job done! A barebones style isn't always a bad thing, I think.

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3:14PM March 25, 2019
@Justin. I really like it, I even want a copy of the barebones source..

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9:32PM March 25, 2019
Thank god, the forum software prior to this was awful. I never received the activation email, no matter how many times I tried.

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9:33PM April 2, 2019
test 4

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11:48PM April 22, 2019
How do I make a smaller picture when direct linking so it doesn't take up as much screen?

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4:24AM May 19, 2019
Hello there! In the album view, when I click on a freshly uploaded resized picture, a 404 error comes up, as the link is still generated with the .com domain in mind. If I replace the .com with .ws, or do a rightclick/show picture, the full size picture of course does appear. I guess you are aware of this, and are possibly in the process of fixing it, just wanted to drop a message, as I haven't seen it mentioned yet. Thank you!
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