This was taken two years ago when I bought the church. If you zoom in you can see the chimney showing signs of deterioration.
By spring time this year the chimney cap had rusted out & folded over.
I took out the loose bricks & chiseled out the bad mortar all the way down. You can see all the rust stains from the chimney cap dripping water on the brick.
I only left one old mortar patch for structural assurance.
Found a cheap rubber bucket for 15$, I recommend this for any small mortar job.
Scaffolding stages nicely braced to the roof
Filled this with water to rinse & wet the brick before doing the repointing.
Started early in the morning so I could avoid the afternoon heat by a tin roof
First stage, repointed all 4 sides
By noon I had wet the brick & wrapped it up with a silicone/fiberglass tarp,In the evening I went back up to finish the top row of loose bricks.
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